IC3D Suite

IC3D Suite is the worlds first 3D Real-Time packaging visualisation and design application to combine multiple packaging disciplines in one product. Other software applications frustratingly separate design applications into cartons or flexibles or bottles or store visualisation. IC3D Suite encompasses these and more, allowing all these elements to be seamlessly combined in the same 3D scene and visualised with colour accurate materials using image based lighting (IBL) in retail environments.

IC3D is also the first 3D packaging visualisation software to offer our patented “Smart Wrap” technology, which allows labels and artwork to be accurately placed and wrapped onto complex 3D models without the need for tedious, slow UVW mapping. This makes it extremely fast and easy to learn.

IC3D comes with a seamless direct link to Adobe Illustrator allowing 2D Illustrator artwork to be directly mapped onto realistic 3D models as base artwork or as labels. Import files from leading CAD and other 3D applications and export movies, folding carton animations, 3D print files, Augmented reality, Hi-res image output and connect to leading proofing/approval and production workflow systems